I love woodworking. I love the feel, the look and the smell of the wood. I find few experiences that equal the sensation of planing a walnut board with a freshly sharpened plane iron: listening to the sound of the cut, smelling the richness of the wood and watching the gossamer shavings pile up at my feet.

Growing up in my father’s woodshop taught me one of the most important lessons I have learned: anything you do is worth doing to the best of your abilities. My interest in woodworking accelerated when my grandfather gave me some of his woodworking tools and his workbench shortly after I made the decision to leave my suit and tie behind in San Francisco’s financial district. I felt a tremendous sense of tradition working at that bench and quickly realized that woodworking is my path.

I create simple, functional pieces that work with the wood’s natural beauty while executing my designs with the utmost attention to detail. Quality is elusive in our time. I push myself to the limits of my skills with each piece of furniture I make to create something that will endure as an example of excellence in design and craftsmanship.